Mogwai concert film

This week marks the release of Mogwai’s new live album, “Special Moves,” and the band is taking album promotion to a new level by sending a special screening of their live New York performance on a nation-wide tour. Filmmakers Vincent Moon and Nathanael Le Scouarnac have created “Burning,” a moody black and white concert film that strips away any Hollywood veneer and presents an honest, emotional depiction of the band in raw form.

The pairing of a concert video with an audio release is nothing really new, but the concept of a live film tour is compelling as fans can still gather and share in a live event. Following the film, this same audience will most likely be effective in evangelizing the Mogwai experience to others. The film is so carefully crafted and the music so hauntingly beautiful that word-of-mouth will no doubt serve as an effective marketing tool for both the concert film and the live album.

P.S. After viewing several clips from the film, I don’t think I can ever miss a live Mogwai
gig again.

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