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Designed and developed by German company, Audanika, SoundPrism is a new iPad app that redefines how we interact with musical instruments. Stripping down the interface to blocks of color, SoundPrism allows users to create original music with the swipe of the finger. There’s still plenty of control built in to manipulate your sound, so you’ll have to watch the video to understand more of the system’s complexity, but it looks like SoundPrism is truly a fresh approach to writing and playing music for the beginner or seasoned musician.

I chose to write about this product because 1) I’m thinking of buying an iPad just for this app and 2) it has tremendous branding potential. Granted, SoundPrism would be associated mostly with electronic music, but today this is a huge plus thanks to the popularity of acts that have embraced digital instruments such as Radiohead, NIN, Daft Punk, etc, etc, etc.

I could see recording artists and labels utilizing this app in a variety of ways: 1) perhaps the app comes pre-loaded with an exclusive track, or 2) instrument samples specific to a band are available to be repeated and manipulated by the user, or 3) an entire song can be remixed and manipulated to produce a personalized track. The possibilities here are both exciting and endless, and I look forward to watching how SoundPrism takes off and grows.


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  1. You’re a clever, clever person…

  2. It truly is a groundbreaking app. I’ve been playing around with it this weekend, trying to analyze the interface according to traditional music theory, but I got a chance to discuss it with Sebastian and I totally understand how they are trying to move beyond the traditional theories of music creation. The interface is fun and feels like a toy, but there is a lot of power under the hood.

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