Broken Bells interactive video

I have to thank good friend and Seattle graphic designer Spencer Choi for giving me the heads-up on this brilliant interactive music video. Comprised of James Mercer and Danger Mouse, Broken Bells records heady space-pop that I imagine would make for a good soundtrack if you were strapped inside a capsule with a one-way ticket to Mars. Navigating this flight would be Flash designer Richard Lehmann and Illustrator Matthew Hollister, two progressive artists in their own right, who have engineered a way for the music fan to jump in and control the look, direction and pace of Broken Bell’s newest video, “October.”

The setup here is really smart and innovative – the tools required to participate are available to anyone with internet access, the interactive element lends itself to repeat visits, and the video gives fans a chance to be part of the creative process. Win, win
and win.

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