MUSE live

My first MUSE “experience” was Absolution, and I was immediately hooked by their aggressive sound, powerful vocals and thick, crunchy guitar. It seems as though the band has taken a cue from their bold songwriting style and translated it into an impressive live performance to support their newest release, The Resistance. Playing atop massive towers that are wrapped in video projections, the band appears larger than life and perched to command your aural senses. The towers rise and fall throughout the show and apparently get the band, a-hem, quite high at times. Ez Devlin, a respected designer of opera sets, was brought in to create this larger-than-life stage presence that just begs to be experienced in person. I think MUSE have it right here, if you’re going to play arenas and stadiums, you might as well have a stage set that does its best to fill the place.

Credits for the photos in this post can be found here for the first stage shot, here for the image of lead singer, Matthew Bellamy, and here for the bottom stage photo. Thanks to these talented fans for taking such amazing pics.

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