Jed Davis packaging

Two thousand ten is the new 1890, thanks to this “wax” (ok, they had to make it plastic) cylinder that contains Jed Davis’ new single, “Yuppie Exodus from Dumbo,” a passionate vintage pop tune with some jazzy ragtime cowbell flavor. Phonograph cylinders were the mp3’s of the late 19th century; they represented the cutting edge (and earliest) commercial medium for recording and reproducing sound, and thus we should pause for a moment

and pay our respects before returning to the entire Slayer catalog wirelessly streaming from our laptop. The packaging was designed and hand-lettered by Michael Doret who has an amazing site full of album covers, typography and fine art prints. The guy is truly talented and has created one of the most unique packaging/music products I’ve ever seen. I hope this inspires others to not only dig into the past, but predict what the future holds for music packaging – it’s important to push boundaries when you want to deliver something unique and memorable to your audience.

And, oh yeah, in case your phonograph is in the shop, Jed’s tracks are also available in good, old-fashioned digital format.

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