Parachute Journalists packaging

While loitering on the internet, I came across this album art for Parachute Journalists, an “indie/folk/pop punk” band from Cleveland. Digging a little deeper, I discovered the site of Jeff Finley who is not only PJ’s drummer, but a damn fine graphic designer and builder of brands. Jeff is also a part of GoMedia, a fantastic site full of resources and tutorials that any designer or musician should consult when looking for inspiration.

Jeff’s work has an authentic vintage feel, and there’s a great amount of time and effort that go into his designs for his music and film clients. Love this cover art. More PJ covers (and a free track) here.


One response to “Parachute Journalists packaging”

  1. That’s awesome how you discovered my work through PJ, that’s something I’d love to see happen more often! Thanks for the review, I dig your site!

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